Community Dialogue Project

Community Dialogue Project

Cultivating intentional empathetic community

The Community Dialogue Project (CDP) provides educational programs and resources that build relationships and advance open inquiry across differences in identities, histories, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. Providing students with the skills and strategies needed to engage across differences, often profound ones, is core to the institution’s academic mission and the division’s strategic priorities of building inclusive community, providing developmental advising and mentoring, embedding equity and inclusion, and fostering health and wellbeing. 

The CDP equips students, especially student leaders, to do this important work by creating opportunities for discussion, space for inter/personal exploration and growth, facilitated dialogues and disagreements, skill-building workshops and trainings, and ongoing possibilities for education and being in community together.  The CDP provides tools for students to build intellectual and personal connections grounded in greater trust and generosity, create a more equitable and just future, and identify and enact approaches grounded in intellectual curiosity and engagement with major questions and debates that address local and global challenges.

CDP’s approach is grounded in multipartial principles and practices in order to equip and enable participants to navigate and engage constructively in conflicts and difficult conversations in affirming, empowering, community-building ways. 

Working in partnership with colleagues across and beyond the Division of Campus Life, CDP provides a range of strategies and resources related to conflict resolution and transformation, mediation, and multipartial dialogue facilitation. These resources can be engaged proactively,  even before a conflict arises. 


This website is currently undergoing renovation while the CDP restructures; please check back for updates.